Personal Development

In addition to vocational training, our holistic care model includes training in areas that help Associates become self-sufficient and thrive in American culture.


English is the #1 barrier for most refugees, so we focus heavily on building English proficiency. Associates are only allowed to speak English during work hours. In addition, they spend 1 hour every work day in classes such as:

  • ESL
  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Typing

Conversation Partners

Conversation partners provide a friend and mentor for our Associates to practice English, understand American culture, and help the Associates as they resettle in their new home. They share stories about life, practice reading books together, help the Associates with paperwork and making appointments, or listen to their problems with empathy.

Computer Literacy

As part of the personal development program, Associates participate in computer literacy classes. We partner with International Rescue Committee (IRC) for teaching Associates how to navigate the internet, check email and other essential skills for navigating technology in the 21st Century. Everyone who passes the course receives a Chromebook. 

Mental Health Program

Because of the trauma our Associates have experienced, we provide a mental health program to support them in their healing journey. All staff and volunteers will be trained in trauma so they can best meet the unique needs of our Associates. The Associates participate in trauma-informed yoga once a week with a certified trauma informed yoga instructor. We create a trauma-informed work environment with mental health at the forefront by providing support such as healthy snacks, diffused oils and peaceful music. 

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