[ref yoo jē] noun – A person forced to leave their country to escape war or persecution,
and due to such dangers, cannot return to their country of origin.

Where are refugees from?

Where are refugees from?

Refugees flee from areas of crisis such as Burma, Nepal, Sudan, Eritrea and Syria. Many are relocated to Dallas in a neighborhood called Vickery Meadows.
Why are refugees important?

Why are refugees important?

These brave men and women are people like you and I with hopes and dreams for a future. They bring a wealth of diversity that enriches our culture.
What do refugees need?

What do refugees need?

Although the US offers them safety and a new start, refugees often arrive with no resources or guidance. They need our help accessing available resources and adapting to their new home.
Vickery Trading


Our mission is to operate a children’s clothing company that
renews hope for refugee women.




We teach refugee women how to sew and work in a business environment.



Educational programs, mentoring, counseling and job placement services are available to each woman at VTC.



All refugees earn fair wages for their time and the clothing they produce.



VTC is a non-profit social business. Our sales will sustain our operations allowing your donations to be directly invested in programs that impact refugee women.  Like any business, start-ups cost. Your donation today will help us reach sustainability sooner.

Get Involved. Change Lives.

Where are the clothes?! We’re working diligently to launch our first line. Cute clothes and opportunities for involvement are coming. But for now, here’s how you can help:

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