Areas of Volunteer Service

Next Volunteer Orientation Date: June 1
We ask that volunteers commit to ONE TERM as a way to build relationships with the associates as well as learning how best to work alongside each lady.

Terms for 2019

  • Spring: January 14-May 27
  • Summer: June 18-August 9
  • Fall: September 10-November 15

VTC Friends
Spend time with associates while they sew, and build relationships with them to learn their story, family and history. Provide basic assistance if needed. Sewing knowledge helpful, but not necessary.
Shifts available Monday through Thursday
Shift A: 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Shift B: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

One-On-One Mentor (Anytime)
This is a great opportunity for someone that would love to volunteer, but can only meet in the evenings or weekends. Build a relationship with an Associate and her family. Visit them in their home. As you get to know the family, we will give you a Self-sufficiency Matrix form to fill out alongside the ladies to see how their families are growing as part fo the program. Minimum involvement (2x a month for 1 full term, but would prefer 2-3 terms).

Reading Partners (Tuesdays 11 AM-2 PM)
Come help set up and read along with the ladies.

ESL (Thursdays 11 AM-12 PM)
Come join the ladies as they learn grammar and practice alongside them.

Help with behind-the-scenes / administrative needs and gain insight into a fashion company. Will work on a variety of projects that help VTC have the most impact with refugees. Ideal for someone who may not have consistent availability. Hours subject to availability of volunteer and need of VTC.

Care for children of associates and ESL students. For consistency, this position is ideal for someone who can serve the same time frame each week. All shifts at 5750 Pineland in Northwest Community Center Childcare Room. References and background check required.
Shifts available Monday through Thursday
Shift A: 9:15 AM – 12 PM
Shift B: 12 PM – 2:15 PM

Pen Pal
Great for someone with limited time or not close to VTC office. Will empower our Associates to practice typing, expand their English vocabulary, and grow more comfortable using new forms of technology. We do not expect pen pals to be ESL teachers or computer experts.

Volunteer Requirements for all Volunteers

  • Complete Volunteer Application (download at vickerytrading.org/support-us/volunteer)
  • Attend 1 Volunteer Orientation

Additional requirements for childcare volunteers

  • Read and sign acknowledgement form for Northwest Childcare Policy (available at orientation)
  • Pass Background Check

Questions? Email megan@vickerytrading.org