Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers That Give Back

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers That Give Back

This holiday season here at Vickery Trading Company, we wanted to share with you some information on practical ways to give back both globally and locally. Shopping give-back brands is one of the most tangible ways to make an impact in the way you spend your dollars. The following featured products make for sweet and meaningful gifts:

The Worthy Co: The Amanda Necklace

The Worthy Co is a social enterprise empowering survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction by providing safe and meaningful employment. They make apparel, jewelry, and candles — and each product is a part of a beautiful redemption story. We think that the Amanda Necklace would be an especially cute and meaningful stocking stuffer. It’s designed by a local Fort Worth artist and hand-crafted by a survivor of exploitation. Like all the necklaces, it shares the story of a woman who is currently walking free from a life of exploitation. The Worthy Co is proud to share the resilience and bravery of survivors in Fort Worth through beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Akola: Dottie Earrings

The Akola Project is a nonprofit jewelry brand that empowers women in Uganda and Dallas, Texas to redesign their stories. Each piece is handcrafted by 1 of 500 women in poverty working to redesign the future of their families. Akola provides social programs that teach women how to use their income to create meaningful change in their families and communities. We love the Dottie Earrings — and they come in all kinds of colors! They are stud earrings made from hand-rolled Karatasi paper beads. Ugandan women were employed and trained to dye and braid raffia, which is then used to wrap beads and create tassels, in preparation for the release of these earrings.

Vickery Trading Company: Yoga Headband

If you aren’t familiar with us yet, we are a kids clothing company that employs refugee women in order to equip them for long-term success through vocational training, personal development, and fair wages. Although we are primarily a kids clothing company, we make products for people of all ages! Our associates produce dresses, headbands, pet bandanas, and even do production for other social businesses in the Dallas area like Akola. Every day, they attend ESL class in our office. Our stocking stuffer suggestion: the yoga headband. These come in an array of patterns and can be worn for exercising or relaxing, as well as to work or to school. Their versatility of wear makes them a perfect gift.

Gaia: Scrunchie

Gaia For Women is a social business that creates apparel, bags, jewelry, accessories, and kids accessories (like mini purses! So cute) through the employment of refugee women using vintage, artisan-made, and sustainable materials. Their mission is to empower refugee women through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success in our local communities. The name Gaia means “Goddess of the Earth” and was chosen as a way to honor all the women — from the ones who craft Gaia products to those who purchase or receive them.  Our recommended stocking stuffer from Gaia is their scrunchie. It comes in various patterns, and is a way to turn a simple hairstyle into something more fun!