Equipping refugee women for long-term success

Women who have fled war & persecution deserve the opportunity to thrive

This is why we provide:

vocational training

We train refugee women to sew and work in a business environment.


Personal development

Educational programs, mentoring, and job placement services are available to each woman at VTC.


fair wages

Associates earn fair wages for their time and the clothing they produce.


What is a Refugee?


When you support Vickery Trading Co., you help refugee women thrive.

"We fled my country because of war and terrorists. I was happy to be safe, but I was separated from the rest of my family and didn’t know English. I didn’t feel like I could do anything. I cried every night.

A lot of people don’t know about refugees. They think we are dangerous. They think the government helps. But the government doesn’t help enough. Churches and nice people helped and gave us money, but we don’t need only money. I needed to learn skills for the future so I could support myself.

Then I found Vickery Trading Company. I gained professional experience and now I work for a fashion designer. I made a lot of friends and learned about life in America. The volunteers helped me find a school that was much better for my kids. I am more confident now and earn my own money. I can pay for gas and clothes for my kids. I enjoy more of life here. I am working for a future that is better for me and my children.

I wish a lot of people would know about VTC. A lot of women need help. I wish it wouldn’t be just 10 women here. I wish 100 women could work here. That’s my wish."

-Forat, 2018 VTC Graduate, Seamstress

Here are 3 ways you can help refugee women thrive:


Every purchase benefits the refugee women who make our products.



Donations support our mission, education programs and childcare. Your donation is tax-deductible.



Share your time and build relationships with our incredible women.


Earning Income

We have the privilege of handing women their very first paycheck. This income provides for needs such as food, clothing and shelter for our Associates and their families.


When Associates learn to read English, they are able to read to their children and help them with their homework.

Speaking English

We practice English immersion in our office. Women must speak English while at work. This, in combination with our ESL classes, helps them to learn English so they are able to communicate with people, such as teachers or doctors, without their children acting as translators.

Opening a Bank Account

Many women in our program open a bank account for the first time. This is the first step in helping them to establish credit and achieve financial independence.

Buying a Car

Income allows Associates to purchase a first or second vehicle for their family, providing transportation to work and school.

Alumni Support

Our staff and volunteers maintain relationships with Associates after graduation to provide advice, mentoring, networking and, of course, friendship!

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