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Meet Israa

Israa moved to the United States in 2016 from Iraq. She moved here with her husband, three daughters, and a son. She loves being in America because she can provide safety and a good future for her family. She hopes that her four children will be able to attend college one day.

In her free time, Israa loves to garden and dreams of having a large garden with lots of plants. She also enjoys watching movies and likes using them as a way to learn English. In the future, Israa would like to continue working as a seamstress and dreams of opening her own business where she designs clothes. She also hopes to learn how to drive, buy a house, and obtain U.S. citizenship.

“I love everything about working at Vickery Trading Company. I have made friends and learned English, everything is good here. I think I have a family here now at Vickery Trading Company.”

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer came to the United States in 2012 from Burma and recently obtained her American citizenship. She lives with her husband and son. While she has been a seamstress for many years, she joined VTC to improve her skills so that she can produce higher quality products. This is her first job, and she hopes to continue designing clothes in the future. When she’s not at work, Jennifer likes spending time with her son and enjoys playing badminton with him.  

“At Vickery Trading, I am learning sewing and more English. I can talk to more people at work and in the community. I can read to my son now. With the money I earn, I can pay tuition for my son to go to a good school. I like the freedom in America. I couldn’t drive in Burma and I can drive here. In my country, no one looks at women, here everyone is together and women are considered good.”

Meet Satara

Satara moved to the United States in 2015 from Burma. She has two sons and a daughter. When she’s not at work, Satara enjoys cooking curry with rice, spending time with family, and occasionally eating ice cream. She likes being in America because she is allowed to work for the first time. Satara hopes to continue working as a seamstress in the future. 

“For me, VTC is a Big Like!! I’m only happy when I can go to work At VTC, they respect my religious freedom. I can wear my burka and hijab. This job is close to my home so I am close to my family when they need me. My boss is very good. Every day, my house blesses her.”

Meet Shomjida

Shomjida has been in the United States since 2017. She has three school-aged children and her husband is currently still overseas. With no formal education, she is the sole provider for her family and has an unshakable work ethic. This is Shomjida’s first job.

When she is not working or taking care of her home, Shomjida enjoys taking her kids to the library. One of her favorite things about living in Dallas is that the warm and dry weather reminds her of her home in Burma. 

“I like it at Vickery Trading Company. It’s helped me learn English. If you know English, you’re happy; if you don’t know it, you’re sad. I need the money to pay rent and I think this job is wonderful. It is a nice community of women. I am a single mom with three kids in school. Another job wouldn’t let me take care of my kids, but here, I can take my kids to school and then come to work and still be home with them after school. I love sewing and someday, I want to be a seamstress.”

Meet Tsinusew

Tsinusew moved to the United States in 2016 from Ethiopia with her two children. She came to America with the hopes of providing a better future for her kids and giving them access to good education. She loves going to church, listening to church music, and taking walks in the park. On a hot summer day, you can find her at the pool with her kids. Tsinusew began learning English during her high school years in Ethiopia and has loved having the opportunity to continue learning English at VTC. In the future, Tsinusew wants to continue working as a seamstress and dreams of opening a clothing business with her daughter one day. 

“I like sewing here at Vickery Trading Company. Everyone here is my friend. I feel happy when I am here and I like learning English.”  

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