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Meet Abeba

Leaving behind her husband and oldest son, Abeba traveled to the United States in 2019 with her three youngest children. Back in Ethiopia, Abeba had a college degree, a thriving business with her husband, a house and a car. However, when harsh persecution fell on her people group, she and her three youngest children escaped and began a new life in America. Thankfully, Abeba had an old friend who was already resettled in Dallas, making adjustment in Dallas a little easier.

Abeba joined VTC in September 2021. She has loved the variety of programming services offered in the program, she’s learned how to be more organized with tasks within her job duties. She’s grown immensely in technical sewing knowledge and hopes to one day open her own small business. She is improving her English and communication skills in the workplace along with computer knowledge.

When she isn’t at work, Abeba focuses on her children and spending time with them because she does not want them to feel unsafe or experience persecution.

"VTC is like a family where we all love each other. Because I love this work, it fulfills me unlike other jobs. working here there are different kinds of work – My mind is expanded and am excited about the different types of routines. VTC is open to employees asking questions therefore making it easy to learn work, new skills, and grow confidence."

Meet Myo

Myo is from the Rakhine tribe in Burma where she grew up sewing with her mother, sister and brother who sewed for work and later married a man from the same village. The military in Burma was unsafe and violent. So Myo, her husband and her children came to the United States in 2015. She loves the freedom and kindness she has experienced in America.

Myo has loved getting to sew and work at VTC because it is her first job and she gets to spend lots of quality time with her children. Myo is improving her English conversational skills and hopes to study English in the future.

When Myo is not at work, she enjoys praying and meditating to calm her mind and she also likes to go to the Thailand Market with her family.

"I like working here because I can work and take my kids to school and pick them up. I love sewing. I came from a family who sewed for work. English is hard - it challenges me, but it is good. I love the ladies and kindness that helps me in life as well as earning more money for my family."

Meet Nazia 

In Afghanistan, Nazia was not allowed to drive, and it was very hard as a woman to have independence. It was not safe, and she lived in fear. After arriving in America in 2015, Nazia got her license and can now grab her keys and go anywhere.

While being at Vickery Trading, Nazia has learned professional etiquette and work ethic that has helped her and will help her in the American workforce Her job with VTC helps her support her family financially.

When Nazia isn’t at work, she’s taking classes at college and spending time with her family and friends.

"In my home country, I wanted to work, have my own bank account, but I couldn’t. Now, I can work, have my own bank account, and drive. I am excited to come to work because I can be independent from my family with my own money and give to my extended family who are struggling with finances and employment."

Meet Razia

Back in Afghanistan, Razia and her family were not in a good situation, so they came to the United States as refugees in 2015. She was scared and nervous but since starting at VTC, Razia has learned to sew and is taking English classes. She is excited to help her family practice English at home and navigate living in America. She has kind women around her and a job that helps her family out financially.

Razia likes going to work and seeing the friends she had made. She hopes that she can use her growing skills in English and sewing to get a good job as a tailor at a great company. When she is not at work, Razia likes to go to the park with her kids and husband. She also enjoys making special food and having picnics with friends.

“I have learned everything here: sewing, cutting, speaking, writing, and reading. I am safe at Vickery Trading Company. I have found friends here that are now my family because I did not have family here before. They are like my mom and my sisters because I can share everything about my life.”

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