Mother’s Day

Bond between a refugee mother and her child

Mother’s Day

I sat down with the Associates intending to talk to them about Mother’s Day. How they celebrate in America. How they celebrated in their home countries. How being mothers affected their decision to come to America as refugees. What it was like living with their mothers-in-law when newly wed. I was excited about the lively conversation I always have with these ladies.

They shared with me on these subjects, but that is not what impacted me. These women, each of them, are so brave. They have come to America seeking refuge, as their lives were in such serious day-to-day danger in their countries of origin. They left families, mothers, whom they love deeply, yet who feared for their safety as well. They have lost family members since being in America. They miss their homes, but cannot return. They have mothers dying thousands of miles away, yet cannot be by their side.

These women are tough. Yet, when talking about their moms, they were in tears. I was in tears. I do not want to dilute their thoughts and feelings with my words. Instead I want to give you the words they gave to me when I asked them about their mom: Moor (one of their mother’s names), heaven fruit, life, best friend, brave. “Mom is mom. Nobody is like mom.” Simply and perfectly said.

To all of those missing their mom this holiday.We support refugee families!