Ethical Shopping Challenge

Ethical brands like VTC provide workers with healthy conditions.

Ethical Shopping Challenge

Here at Vickery Trading Company, we love ethical fashion. We believe knowing who makes what we wear matters. Personally, I sometimes struggle justifying spending money on new clothes, but by shopping with ethical brands I know exactly where my money is going and love the opportunity to make a difference in others lives. Are you interested in buying ethically but don’t know where to start? Check out our Ethical Shopping Challenge below for some ideas to start you one your journey.

1.  Stay in the Know

2.  Update Your Closet

  • Purge—get rid of everything you don’t need or wear
  • Check your tags—some countries are more likely than others to allow unethical manufacturing practices
  • Reinvent—Mix and match what you have to create new outfits

3.  Set Shopping Standards

  • Buy ethical and/or secondhand!
  • Try our suggested websites for secondhand clothing that’s affordable and trendy

4.  Buddy Up

  • Find a friend to join you in your ethical shopping journey
  • Share your new finds and encourage others to try the challenge!

5.  Commit

  • Pick a timeframe (we suggest 6 months or 1 year).  Challenge yourself to stick to it!

6.  Tag us on your journey! #VTCEthicalChallenge

Our ethical favorites: