Emma Watson Is Remaking Disney Movies and the Fashion Industry

Emma Watson Is Remaking Disney Movies and the Fashion Industry

It’s a tale as old as time. Glamorous Hollywood starlet wears fabulous clothes while on press tour publicizing her new movie.  As Emma Watson circles the globe promoting , Disney’s live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast,” she is stepping out in something different: ethically made clothing.

And we’re loving it


What is Ethical Fashion? 

In ethical fashion, clothes are manufactured in dignified working conditions and the manufacturing process minimizes impact on the environment. Vickery Trading Company does this each day. We provide an environment where each Associate can thrive, paying a fair wage and a safe environment. We also work to source our fabric from ethical sources. Plus, we try to use up every scrap possible! See if you recognize the fabric in some of our headbands!


Why does it matter? 

When we buy clothes, we make a choice. We choose to support a company, and their business practices. For years, many fashion companies made decisions solely motivated by profit, resulting in terrible working conditions for their employees and the environment. Like most of us, Emma Watson didn’t really know about ethical fashion until she watched the documentary The True Cost. Seeing the conditions most garment workers endure, she decided to make a change.  She’s developed a reputation as a  champion for ethical fashion by making choices like re-wearing garments she already has, like her Met Gala outfit.


Join the Movement!

Come see the movie that transformed Emma Watson’s perspective. We’re hosting a fundraiser and screening of The True Cost on Monday, March 27 at 7  PM.