Crafting Hope: Easter Egg Decorating

Crafting Hope: Easter Egg Decorating

Easter is almost here! At Vickery Trading Company, we love sharing our diverse holidays. One of our favorite ways to do this is by experiencing each culture’s traditions. So, we’ve learned belly dancing, played with  henna, and eaten more delicacies than you could count. With Easter around the corner, we decided to try out a new way to decorate Easter eggs using whipped cream! We found the recipe via Spend with Pennies

 The Associates loved making their own masterpieces, and it was too easy! You and your little love can join in on the fun too!

First, hard boil as many eggs as you desire. Then grab the supplies. You’ll need whipped cream, vinegar, food coloring, and paper towels.

Now, dip the hard-boiled eggs in Vinegar. Let them sit in the vinegar for about 2 minutes. We got impatient, so our colors weren’t quite as bright as we would have liked. The longer the eggs sits in vinegar, the brighter the colors will be.

Khadija demonstrates excellent dipping techniques

Dry off the vinegar-soaked eggs with a paper towel, and set them aside to finish drying.

Maroa decorates her egg with geometric designs.

Now, it’s time for fun. Some of the Associates are excellent artists, so we tried a twist on traditional egg decorating and used gold, bronze, and black sharpies to decorate the eggs.

After letting the Sharpie ink dry, pour out the whipped cream into a container and smooth it out. Then begin to drip the different food coloring around the whipped cream. Next swirl the whipped cream.

Next, carefully roll the eggs through the whipped cream. Your fingers will likely begin to look a little like an Easter egg! But no worries, it will come right off with soap and water. If you need to get it off  of other surfaces, use an alcohol-based sanitizer. If you want neat swirls on your eggs, try to only roll the egg once. If you want more of a marble effect, roll the egg numerous times.  Once you’re done, set the eggs aside to dry for 20-40 minutes. Then rinse the eggs off in cool water.

And  voila! Beautiful, colorful eggs. Which is your favorite? We’d love to see your creations. Tag us with the hashtag #VTCEaster. Still looking for the perfect Easter dress? Shop now at