Sachet 3-Pack Wild Blossom

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To be more environtmental friendly in our office, our designer developed this product to help eliminate some of our fabric waste. Freshen your closet, bedroom dresser, and pillows with these fragrant sachets made from fabric scraps, rice, and dried lavender. 


The fabric prints in this collection feature tear drop, seed, and floral imagery inspired by the Rohingya story. We begin this Year of the Rohingya with these symbols to reference the heartbreaking journey (tears) away from their home as well as the concept of being scattered to the wind (seeds), planted in new ground, and full of potential.  Click here for more insight on the Rohingya story. 


  • Dimensions: 4" X 4" 
  • Dried European Lavender Flowers from MagJo Naturals
  • 100% Organic cotton 
  • Made in Dallas, TX, USA of imported fabrics 
Sachet 3-Pack Wild Blossom
Sachet 3-Pack Wild Blossom