April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Texas is finally experiencing Spring after much teasing weather. With it, the flowers are coming. Bluebonnets dot the roads, and we are loving it. To celebrate Spring and Cinco de Mayo, we taught the Associates how to make a much-loved craft: tissue paper flowers! It sure was a fiesta and a snap! So, put on your favorite salsa tunes, grab some guacamole, and help us #crafthope today!

We were inspired by Instructables helpful tutorial.

Step 1:

Gather up your supplies. These flowers require: scissors, green pipe cleaners, multiple colors of tissue paper, and maybe some floral inspiration. As for colors, let your imagination run wild! The Associate loved mixing our brightest colors to make flowers that really popped.


Step 2: Neatly line up the 3-5 pieces of tissue paper and begin to fold them like a fan. Fold back and forth, back and forth. The more you fold, the bigger and fuller your flowers will be! The Associates love dramatic flowers, so they kept on folding…Clarisse really nailed the precision part of folding.


Step 3: Tie a green pipe cleaner around your newly-folded tissue paper. If you want a giant flower, just use one. If you want several smaller flowers, feel free to segment the folded paper and tie two or three pipe cleaners to it. Use scissors to separate the “stems.” The Associates wanted oodles of flowers, so we split each folded paper in three sections.

Step 4:  Begin to separate the layers of tissue paper, gently fluffy out each layer of color. The more you fluff, the bigger your flower. And you know the saying, “The higher the hair, the closer to God,” well, we’re pretty sure that applies to flowers too! Below Forat is hard at work, fluffing her amazing flower.

Then voila! A beautiful flower springs to life! We put these in a bowl in our break room to add a dose of pizzazz to lunch and morning ESL conversations.  



Loving these blooms? Well, stay tuned. Let’s just say something floral is coming your way soon!