Khadija’s Story

Sewing Community

Khadija is always smiling when she's working at VTC!If there was an award for biggest smile in the office, Khadija would win, hands down.  Her positivity is an inspiration to us all.  Her friends describe her as “a very happy woman” who never complains. Even when we talk about hardships in her past, Khadija reminisces with a smile.

Khadija came to the States with her husband after being separated from him for four years. His job kept them from being together. When the fighting started in her country, she and her husband fled to Dallas for safety.

Despite living in a new country far away from all she has known, Khadija is really happy to be here, united with her husband and living in a safe place. “I’m just happy to work here. It doesn’t matter what part of the sewing I’m doing. I’m happy to work and not be sitting at home.” Khadija loves working and being with her friends in the office. One of the other Associates is her best friend, and they spend all day together, often spending their time off dancing or watching Turkish movies. Khadija also enjoys knitting in her downtime. No matter what she is doing, she has a smile on her face. We know the VTC community would feel a lot different without her positive spirit and we are grateful to have her on our team.