Shahad’s Story

Sewing Empowerment

Shahad is learning a lot at VTC!Our youngest associate, Shahad, is no stranger to patience. She joined her husband in the United States after two and a half years of separation. The transition meant a major downsize—from living in a big house with cousins, sisters and grandparents, to a small apartment with her husband and mother-in- law. This hasn’t kept Shahad from enjoying her life here with her husband. Whether she’s cooking or watering plants around the apartment, she keeps busy making this new place her home.

Each morning, the Associates participate in English conversations targeted at expanding their vocabulary and understanding of American culture. Although Shahad learned English in primary and high school, she is still working on mastering speaking. We love seeing her face light up as she masters new words and understands formerly-foreign concepts.

Shahad has big dreams, “I want to study here in college” After honing her English skills, Shahad hopes to go to dentistry school and learn even more. In the meantime, she’s able to earn much-needed money and practice her English while using the sewing skills her mom taught her back in her home country. We’re proud of all that Shahad is learning and how she’s empowered to chase her dreams.