Najiba’s Story

Sewing Empowerment

By working at VTC, Najiba is able to support her mom!Bright eyes and a warm smile, Najiba is a welcoming face to anyone who walks in the door.  Behind those eyes is a story is of family upheaval and loving generosity. Najiba’s home country has been unsafe for many years.

Upon completing high school, many of the teachers in Najiba’s school left because of the unrest. Najiba got married and began teaching the younger students in her school while attending teacher training college. Her husband’s job put him in a dangerous position, and constant threats to their family led them to flee their home country.

When they arrived in the United States, hardship continued. Her husband was not making enough money to support them and their newborn son, on top of sending money back to his family once a month. In addition, Najiba had to leave her mother behind in her home country. Najiba was deeply worried about what would happen to her mother after she left.

Now, Najiba generously uses her wages from Vickery Trading Company to help support her mom. While she isn’t able to be there personally, she takes pride in being able to take care of the woman who raised her. We at Vickery Trading Company love empowering women like Najiba to support their families!