Maroa’s Story

Sewing Passion

VTC helps Maroa develop her passion for sewing.When asked about her day, Maroa says it is wonderful because she loves to sew, and that’s what she gets to do at work. Maroa loves people deeply. Back in her home country, she was always looking for ways to help others. Whether she was teaching exercise classes, going door-to- door to educate people on public health, or opening her home to teach english to the less fortunate in her community, Maroa sought to help the people around her.

A year and a half ago when she and her husband arrived in Dallas, Maroa faced the difficulty of being in a new place, away from her family. It was and still is very hard to be apart from them, but she has learned to thrive wherever she is. Never one to sit around for too long, she found a sewing school offered at a church and after 8 months she was promoted to a teaching position for the program.

Maroa continues to thrive at Vickery Trading Company. She says, “In the future, I want to be a fashion designer.” We’ve already seen this dream of hers come to life in the office as she excitedly discusses what fabrics to use and impresses us with her ability to cut patterns with ease. We’re thrilled to be able to create a space where Maroa is free to develop her passion and refine her work.