Mariam’s Story

Sewing Dreams

VTC encourages Mariam's dream of opening a fashion store!Our resident fashionista, Mariam, comes to work every day dressed in bright colors and bold patterns. The coolest part? She makes some of her own dresses. She learned to sew in her home country, but it’s very different here. She smiles as she talks about the difference in technique—how it used to take much longer to sew by hand, but it’s much simpler here with foot pedals and fast machines.

Mariam grew up in a big house with a large family. Her home was filled with six sisters, two brothers, five uncles, and too many cousins to count. All of them are still living in her war-torn country. While she would like to go back and visit, she knows that living here is a much safer option for herself, her husband, and their son.

Coming from such a large family, the transition to the U.S. was rough. Mariam knew little English and found herself sitting at home with little to do during the day. To add to the loneliness of life in a new place, making friends wasn’t easy because of language barriers.  She missed having a community to call her own.

Mariam now has a new family of sorts at Vickery Trading Company. She loves the camaraderie she’s developed with the staff and other Associates. Mariam has big dreams for her future, saying, “Now I want to do sewing. After two or three years I want to open my own shop.”

We love creating an encouraging community for Associates like Mariam. Vickery Trading Company is more than just a place of work; it’s a community where each woman’s dreams and goals are nurtured.