Hila’s Story

Sewing Safety

Hila feels safe from danger at Vickery Trading Company.Hila’s story is an inspiration to all.  There’s something special about the way she interacts with people. Maybe it’s because she grew up with four brothers and five sisters. Maybe it’s because she worked in a hospital in her home country for three years as a midwife. Maybe it’s because she finally feels safe after being in true danger.

Because of her husband’s job, Hila was a target of dangerous terrorists. Her life was marked by threats and fear for her family. “I was scared everyday when I walked to work in the village.” Eventually, the danger became too much and Hila’s family sought refuge in the United States.

Hila has found safety in the United States. With her newfound security, Hila enjoys the simple things of life, like buffalo chicken pizza! She loves working at Vickery Trading Company where her husband and four children now live in an apartment, where they regularly host friends for meals.

Here at Vickery Trading Company, we feel honored to get to know strong, courageous women like Hila. We feel so privileged to be able to offer a new beginning to refugees who are fleeing persecution. If you meet Hila, we’re sure you’ll feel the same!