Forat’s Story

Sewing Community

Forat loves being a part of the VTC community!If you walk into our office, Forat will probably be the first woman you meet. Tall and strikingly friendly, she welcomes everyone with a big smile and a laugh. Maybe Forat is so welcoming because she’s accustomed to being a stranger.

Forat had to leave her country because it was too dangerous for her and her family. Her husband and her three children came to Dallas for refuge. It was very difficult learning English, finding a job, and they missed their home. It’s hard being a stranger.

Without friends or viable work, Forat and her family returned to her home country hoping to find things improved. But the unrest in her country escalated, and Forat and her family had no choice: they had to leave for good. So, they became strangers once more, moving back to Dallas seeking safety.

But Forat found more than safety, she now has a home. Instead of being a stranger like during her first time in Dallas, she is now part of an inclusive community at Vickery Trading Company.  The other women welcomed her immediately; now, you’ll find her laughing with her friends as she inspects the quality of the dresses she makes. When asked how she learned to sew, Forat chuckles and says, “My mom bought me a machine when I was ten years old. The first thing I sewed was a bikini!”

While Forat isn’t sewing bikinis these days, we love seeing her skill and attention to detail in the beautiful dresses she makes at Vickery Trading Company. What’s even better is knowing that each dress represents a beautiful, smiling woman who has finally found a community to call home.