Clarisse’s Story

Sewing Passion

Clarisse loves working at VTC!Clarisse is a picture of beauty and humility. She’s a skilled seamstress, having learned to sew many years ago back in her home country. But like many refugee women, Clarisse struggled to find work in her trade. Now, Vickery Trading Company has created a way for Clarisse to support her family while doing work that she loves.

Between being a mother of four and working at VTC, Clarisse stays busy. She hopes that moving to the U.S. will give her children a chance at a good education. For Clarisse, the move has been a big transition – learning English being the hardest part. This is understandable, considering she’s already mastered four languages. But Clarisse is undaunted, saying, “When I finish ESL, I want to start nursing.” Each morning, Clarisse boldly participates in our ESL conversations. We’re excited to see what Clarisse will do in the future!