Sewing Hope

refugees sew hope for their families

Sewing Hope

By: Lily Anderson

One of our taglines here at Vickery Trading Company is “sewing hope.” Sewing hope represents one of our founding principles and how our work is about more than just dresses. We sew hope everyday by helping our associates excel both in dressmaking and their own personal development. With the help of volunteers, our associates learn basic computer skills, practice their English, and many other skills. Every day our associates work hard not only to create our designs but to better their lives and the lives of their families.

Vickery Trading Company is unique in that we aren’t just helping women overseas. Our associates, and their families, that we help through them, are all right here in Dallas. It was not until I got involved with Vickery Trading Company that I knew that there were refugees in this area. Until that point the word refugee was something I heard in history classes and on the news. I wrongly thought that like most early immigrants to our country that refugees were in places like New York. Now however, I know better. I have gotten to work with our associates and  hear them talk about their children and families.  I know that every day they are here working they truly are sewing hope. Hope for their future, their children, and their lives.

Our associates come from diverse backgrounds in different countries, but they are bonded together in their desire to make their lives in America better. Their circumstances for coming to the United States differ but each and every one of them is working hard to make the most of their opportunities. This is where Vickery Trading Company comes in, by creating the opportunity for these women to earn fair wages, and learn, we are providing them with more than just a job, but also education and experience.