Meet Maroa

Meet Maroa

At Vickery Trading Company, each of our dresses is named after a real-life refugee. We know so many amazing women, so we choose to honor one of them each time we release a new dress. When we saw the fun, twirly skirt, we knew we had to name it after Maroa.


Sometimes the word “Refugee” conjures up images of downtrodden people, bowing low under the weight of trauma. This is the reality for many refugees around the world.  That trauma makes it challenging for some refugees to find employment and adapt to their new country.  While those images are very real, let us introduce you to what can happen after the trauma: hope.

Maroa is full of life and energy. Each morning, she bounds into the office. Maroa doesn’t walk so much as dance. We tried taking her picture for this post, and she simply couldn’t stand still!  Her joy encourages the workplace. Maora has a bright smile for anyone who walks in.

Seeing this enthusiasm, Stephanie, Vickery Trading Company’s Founder,  promoted Maroa to production manager. Maroa is often the first Associate in the office and the last to leave. Her dedication sets the bar for the other Associates. She keeps a notebook full of ideas to improve Vickery Trading Company, her English, and to hold her thoughts and dreams.

But Maroa’s zest for life isn’t restricted to Vickery Trading Company alone, she loves to be active. She wears a fitbit and gets more steps than anyone we’ve ever met! Most days she hits 22,000-30,000 steps! One of her favorite places to be active is White Rock Lake. You can find her running around the lake–and maybe occasionally dancing along the way!

Maroa has always been active in the community. Back in her home country, Maroa would go door-to-door teaching women about public health issues. She also helped teach aerobics and yoga! Here in the US, Maroa continues to assist others. She’s currently teaching English to 6 other people. Maroa thrives on growing and learning!

Living in America required Maroa to take on many new challenges. Back in her home country, Maroa didn’t drive. As any Texan knows, driving is almost required to get around. And driving in Texas means big, scary highways! Maroa mastered driving and now faces the many highways crisscrossing our city courageously. She is setting an example for the other Associates.

In the future, Maroa dreams of being a fashion designer. She hones her skills in our offices, finding solutions to production problems and ways to increase efficiency. Maroa models her work many days. We love seeing her creativity and style in her creations–both Vickery Trading Company’s and her own. 

Now that you’ve met Maroa, you can see why we named our newest dress after her. The Maroa is sweet, playful, and ready for adventure. Your little love will be able to frolic, play, and explore freely. It’s purposefully designed to help little girls look ladylike while pursuing feminine pursuits like making mud pies, tree climbing, and conquering the playground…or the world!

We hope you love the Maroa as much as we love Maroa. Shop the Maroa now!