Meet the Makers


“Working at Vickery Trading Company lets me support my family and do something I love.”


“I was scared everyday when I walked to work in the village at home. I’m happy to be living in a safer place, where I can enjoy the little things in life.”


“I’m glad to have a job at Vickery Trading Company and have friends with me at work.”


“I like our English discussion each morning. When I speak English better, I want to go to school to become a dentist.”


“I love working with the women here. I enjoy the friendships I’ve gained!”


“Now, I’m happy. I can support my mom.”


“I’m just happy to work here. It doesn’t matter what part of the sewing I’m doing. I’m happy to work and not be sitting at home.”


“In the future, I want to be a fashion designer!”

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